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Linux Authentication using LDAP and eDirectory

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By Adrian Malaguti

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Posted: 19 Aug 2004

One issue that confronts you when migrating from Windows to a Linux desktop is the task of getting the home directory from a Windows server. Novell Consultant Adrián Malaguti shares this guide which will help you with user authentication to eDirectory and getting WIN2k/NAS home directories available for users on a Linux desktop. It addresses implementing Linux authentication against eDirectory (no local users) based on PAM and LDAP.

Here's what's covered in the Guide:

  • Authentication scheme
    • Recommendations
  • Server Configuration
    • eDirectory Install
  • eDirectory configuration for Linux client authentication
    • LDAP Service Configuration
    • LDAP Trace
    • Connection Test
  • Linux client Configuration
    • LDAP based eDirectory authentication
      • X Window Authentication
        • KDE Login testing
        • KDE Login Background
    • PAM Configuration examples
  • Security
    • LDAP Proxy User
    • Secure LDAP connections TLS/SSL
      • Enable secure LDAP connections (TLS/SSL) on server side
      • Enable secure LDAP connection on client side - TLS
      • Enable secure LDAP connection on client side - SSL
        • Testing LDAP connection over TLS/SSL
  • PAM Modules
  • ConsoleOne snapins for Unix Profile

Download the guide in PDF Format.

About the Author

Adrián Malaguti is a Novell Consultant in the South Latin America region, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His office, which covers Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia, has become very active of late in helping customers migrate from Windows to Linux, and Adrián has graciously agreed to share some of the documents he created while working on those projects.

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