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Novell Identity Manager High Availability Cluster on SUSE Linux

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Posted: 1 Sep 2004

There are several possible approaches to achieving high-availability for Novell Nsure Identity Manager. TID #10093317 addresses the implementation of a High-Availability (HA) cluster on SUSE Linux with the following characteristics:

  1. The cluster has two nodes. For any one service (i.e., software application) one node is the primary (or active) node and the other node is the secondary (or standby) node.
  2. The cluster has storage accessible both from the primary and from the secondary nodes. The eDirectory database and the Identity Manager cache reside on the shared storage.
  3. The services hosted by the cluster (e.g., Identity Manager) always appear at the same IP address to entities outside of the cluster.
  4. The services hosted by the cluster may be monitored for failure and, in case of failure, the services can be restarted or the cluster services can be moved to the secondary node.
  5. Service failover in the event of hardware failure or system crash can occur automatically without the need for human intervention, or alternatively can only occur with operator intervention.
  6. Committed changes to the Identity Manager datastore are not lost when failover occurs.

The cluster management software described by this document is an Open Source project named Heartbeat. The Heartbeat software runs on two or more servers and provides a mechanism for automatically stopping and starting other software (resources) based on the availability of the cluster machines. The Heartbeat packages are included in SUSE Linux distributions.

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