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Posted: 1 Sep 2004

Here's a little overview of the SUSE Linux testing processes that you might find interesting.

Phase 1: Unit test

Mostly integrated into autobuild. During this test phase the QA team is checking for dependency problems, build problems on the several platforms, and general build compatibility.

Phase 2: Feature test

After the feature freeze of a product the QA team checks the availability/functionality of all special features mentioned in the feature list of the product plan. These tests are done with a high priority.

Phase 3: Component test

Each component of our product (i.e. software package) gets tested for functionality and configurability. Each package has up to 50 testcases which have to be completed during a test run. To cover the functionality of a product over 1500 testcases are done. The testcases for the component test are organised in an SQL database, where the results are also stored.

Phase 4: System test

In this phase the integration of the product is tested. (Interoperability, Use Scenarios, several install paths, etc.)

Phase 5: Stress test

Special system services and core components get stressed for several days in our test lab. This is done to ensure the stability of our components in a heavy load environment/scenario.

Final Phase: Regression phase

With the release candidate all failed test cases are repeated and verified. All bug fixes of the categories Blocker, Critical and Major are verified.

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