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Archive To Go for Novell GroupWise ships

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By Advansys

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Posted: 8 Nov 2005

Advansys, the leading provider of tools that extend the GroupWise Client, has announced the release of Archive To Go. Archive To Go allows a GroupWise Administrator to quickly export an entire GroupWise User's Mailbox. The Archived mailbox is then moved to CD/DVD or disk where it is easily stored, accessed and searched. The GroupWise client is not needed for accessing the exported data.

Archive To Go helps GroupWise administrators remove GroupWise mail from expired accounts. All the Email is stored in a single location with attachments, allowing the administrator to reduce the size of the GroupWise message store and databases, but still retain the content of the email on a CD/DVD. The searchable CD/DVD can be stored in the employee file, used in legal discovery, or provided to a departing employee. The GroupWise client is not needed to read the data after it has been exported.

"Removing data from expired GroupWise accounts is invaluable to our customers." Says Marc Conradty, Co-Founder of inetra de GmbH. "Archive To Go makes the backup, storage and mobility of a user's GroupWise mailbox extremely simple. You can now literally put your mailbox in your pocket."

Archive To Go uses a simple Wizard process to save all messages, including attachments, into a ready-to-go format complete with viewer and full text search. A secure enterprise mode enables Administrators to export any user's mailbox without detection.

"With the increasing dependence on email, easy off-line access to message correspondence is essential", said Greg Bell, Advansys CEO. "Archive To Go delivers a reliable, simple and searchable GroupWise mailbox archiving solution."

Archive To Go exports messages, including:

  • All file and embedded message attachments
  • Additional GroupWise metadata - message properties, folder, categories, custom fields, ID, save log
  • Plain text and HTML representations
  • Contacts and documents
  • GroupWise Archives
  • Shared Folders

Archive To Go is backed by Advansys, a developer with more than 12 years GroupWise experience. For more information, pricing, online Flash demonstration and free trial software, please visit

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