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What's New In Novell Security Manager v6.1

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Posted: 17 Nov 2005

New Security Manager Features Now Available for v6.1 Customers

Novell Security Manager is continually being updated to provide you the best security and features. Recently we made an update available to release 6 with new features that dramatically enhance the capabilities of its e-mail security mechanisms, including virus, spam, and phishing protection. All release 6 customers can get this via their Up2Date service by simply enabling this service in the WebAdmin for Security Manager.

The major new features are described below.

Dual Virus Scanner Support

This release includes a second virus scanner, ClamAV, that works in addition to the existing Kaspersky virus scanner. This is the first implementation of dual virus scanners on a Unified Threat Management system.

Dual anti-virus systems improve security in three ways:

  • Increasing the number of virus patterns, to detect more viruses by their signatures.
  • Providing a wider range of virus testing methods, to detect more virus variations that cannot be identified by a simple signature.
  • Providing updates from two sources, to reduce the exposure to new viruses. Customers will be protected from new viruses as soon as the first signature is received from either Kaspersky Lab or ClamAV.

Kaspersky Lab ( is a leading commercial vendor of anti-virus software. Its technology detects polymorphic and other virus derivates through sophisticated processes that include heuristic analysis and code emulation. Kaspersky Lab?s virus signature database is one of the largest in the world, with over 120,000 entries. Kaspersky Lab's renowned anti-virus research team tracks newly developing viruses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The ClamAV project ( is the leading Open Source anti-virus project. The strengths of its technology include high performance and very high detection rates for phishing e-mails. Updated virus signatures and new software features are provided by the hundreds of ISPs, software vendors, universities and enterprises that support the ClamAV project.

Customers have the option of using only one scanner or both at the same time. If they use both, the two scanners will be connected in series, with ClamAV being in the first position.

Using two scanners will not harm performance. The first scanner will block or pass through the vast majority of packets. The only objects sent to the second scanner will be the ones that the first scanner is unable to evaluate (for example, if there is an archive file type that the first scanner cannot unpack). This feature addresses the increasing customer demand to deploy two different independent virus scan engines.

Support for Accelerated Virus Scanning on Selected Novell Security Manager Appliances

Spam Release by End Users

End users receive a Daily Spam Digest of e-mails blocked as spam. With Novell Security Manager they can release individual messages from the quarantine by clicking on a link in the digest, without involving the e-mail administrator. This will significantly reduce the administrative effort of managing spam messages within the quarantine queue.

Scanning Emails for Spam URLs

Almost all spam e-mails contain a link for the user to follow. The new release of Novell Security Manager scans URLs within spam e-mails and checks them against a database to see if the URL is associated with spamming or other unwanted activities. If the URL is found in a specific category of the database, it will get an appropriate score that will be used afterwards to calculate the overall SPAM score for the message. The SPAM score will then trigger the predefined action set by the administrator (drop, reject, quarantine, or pass with warning). This feature substantially increases the recognition rate of the Spam Protection module.

Real-Time Anti-Spam Pattern Updates

Security Manager's Up2Date mechanism will now update spam signatures daily using SpamAssassin's real-time anti-spam patterns ("Rules du Jour"). This is of crucial importance because of the huge number of spam varieties that continuously evolve and change. Now Novell Security Manager can react more flexibly and more rapidly to different sorts of threats caused by spammers.

Improved Presentation of "Content blocked" Frames

Security Manager displays a "Content blocked..." frame within a webpage when Spyware, Adware, or other Malware is detected. In this release the "Content blocked" frames have been enhanced. The message content has been minimized, so that it now fits even within very small frames (such as banner ads) without the need for scrolling. Detailed information on why the content was blocked is accessible via a separate window. This makes the messages much easier to read and enhances the overall readability of the web pages.

Electronic Manual

The Novell Security Manager manual will now be available from within WebAdmin. It will be updated automatically when new versions of the manual are released. This ensures that administrators will always have the latest version of the manual, and will be able to find it quickly and easily without searching for a download web site.

Note: For information on using the Security Manager's Up2Date mechanism, see:

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