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Enabling Automatic Updates for Novell Security Manager

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Posted: 17 Nov 2005

How to enable automatic updates for Novell Security Manager

1. Once you have Security Manager up and running, open a web browser and log in to WebAdmin (the admistration tool for Security Manager).

2. To make sure your system is running the latest version of Security Manager, enable the Up2Date service

3. In the web browser in the WebAdmin tool, select System | Up2Date Service.

4. Under the first section ("System Up2date" - Prefetch Up2Dates now), click Start. Note: After clicking Start you should see a pop-up window that shows the downloading of the latest system updates.

5. Since the release of Security Manager we have had several updates, up to and including 6.1 (as of 10/19/05). Novell recommends that you get the latest updates to assure the SUSE Linux and Security Manager are up-to-date. This process will take some time as it downloads the patches - please be patient.

6. Once the packages have completed downloading, you should see the list of any up2dates under the "Unapplied Up2Dates" section. In the Unapplied Up2Dates section click Install - this will begin updating Novell Security Manager.

7. Repeat the process for Pattern Up2Dates to make sure you have the latest Virus Patterns as well.

8. Begin using the latest and greatest features and updates of Security Manager.

Note: For information on the latest features available in Novell Security Manager, see:

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