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Posted: 19 Jan 2006

Novell Identity Manager was chosen as Best Identity Manager in InfoWorld's 2006 Technology of the Year Awards. Winners for this prestigious annual award are selected by InfoWorld test center analysts who judge products based on innovation and effectiveness. InfoWorld remarked, "Powerful graphical workflow and design tools, intuitive user interface and solid directory foundation give it (Novell Identity Manager 2) an edge over strong competitors."

According to InfoWorld test center analysts, "Usability will be the next big battleground. So far, Novell has taken the lead in this area, offering sophisticated management tools atop its mature directory server foundation. The recently released Identity Manager 3 builds on an already solid product offering with automated provisioning capabilities and a visual policy designer based on the Eclipse framework."

In the identity management market for more than five years and with more than 3,600 customers, Novell shipped the next generation of its flagship identity management solution, Identity Manager 3, in Dec. 2005. Through advanced visual modeling, workflow and self-service capabilities, Novell Identity Manager 3 offers companies powerful new tools to meet tough security and compliance requirements.

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