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Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2

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Posted: 19 Jan 2006

Download Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2:

Download the Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 files here
Download Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 Eval

Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 files:

File NameDocument Title
oessp2linux01.isoOpen Enterprise Server SP2 CD1
oessp2linux02.isoOpen Enterprise Server SP2 CD2
oessp2linux03.isoOpen Enterprise Server SP2 CD3
oessp2linux04.isoOpen Enterprise Server SP2 CD4
oessp2linux05.isoOpen Enterprise Server SP2 CD5 (Optional)
oessp2linux06.isoSUSE Core Version 9 CD 1
oessp2linux07.isoSUSE Core Version 9 CD 2
oessp2linux08.isoSUSE Core Version 9 CD 3
oessp2linux09.isoSUSE Core Version 9 CD 4 (Optional)
oessp2linux10.isoSUSE Core Version 9 CD 5 (Optional)
oessp2prepatch.shScript to update OES prior to install OES SP2
nw65sp5.exeOES Support Pack 2, NW6.5 Support Pack 5
nw65ossp5.isoOES NetWare OS SP2 \ NW6.5 OS SP5 Overlay CD
nw65prodsp5.isoOES NetWare Prod SP2 \ NW6.5 Prod SP5 Overlay
op2novellclient11linuxnld9.tarNovell Client 1.1 for Novell Linux Desktop 9
novell-client-1.0-linux-suse9.3.tar.gzNovell Client 1.0 for Linux SUSE Pro 9.3
nc491sp2.exeNovell Client 4.91 SP2 for Windows 2000/XP

Novell Open Enterprise Server Documentation:

Open Enterprise Server Documentation site

Enhancements in Support Pack 2

iFolder 3.1

  • iFolder Client: Now includes localized help.
  • Login Support: For common name or e-mail name has been added. The option chosen applies to all users.


  • iprintcmd (Linux client) Renamed to iprntcmd: Options for Linux and Windows are more similar so they can be used more efficiently in login scripts.
  • Low Security Client: Is now the default on the iPrint Printer List Web page.

NCP Server for Linux

  • DOS Archive Bit: Can now be set on non-NSS NCP volumes on Linux.
  • Inherit POSIX Permissions: Is now available on non-NSS NCP volumes on Linux.
  • Cross-Protocol Locking: Is now supported. For example, users can access files from Samba and an NCP client. Applications that support file sharing modes now work correctly.


  • Available Memory Monitoring: Novell Remote Manager lets you set lower thresholds than were previously supported.

Novell Cluster Services (Linux)

  • Choosing a Device for the SBD Partition: Is done from a list rather than requiring a manual entry.
  • iManager Cluster Option Names: Are changed to make cluster configuration and management easier.
  • Direct Cluster Upgrading from NetWare 6.0: Is now supported.

Novell Cluster Services (NetWare)

  • iManager Cluster Option Names: Are changed to make cluster configuration and management easier.

Novell Remote Manager (NRM) (Linux)

  • File System Support: Lets you view the free space on any mounted physical file system, create inventory reports, and perform actions on the files systems.
  • Network Discovery Page: Lets you scan a host and its ports to discover services.

Novell Remote Manager (NRM) (NetWare)

  • Health Monitoring: Has been enhanced to include Faulted Address Space Count monitoring and alerts, alert-specific headings in e-mail notifications, and improved Available Memory monitoring.

OES Linux Install

  • SLES 9 SP3: Is included
  • Red Carpet? Graphical User Interface (GUI): Is supported.

Storage Management Services (SMS)

  • Backup and Restore of Extended Attributes: Is supported in VFS systems.
  • UTF8-Based Trustee Migration: Is supported for the Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit.


Fixes in Support Pack 2

Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 List of Fixes


Troubleshooting the OES SP2 Patch Process - TID10100002

Novell Open Enterprise Server Support

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