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Update on Linux Application Request Survey

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 2 Feb 2006

Some new and fascinating data has surfaced from the results of the Novell CoolSolutions survey. This study is designed to find out what Windows-only applications, if ported to Linux, would increase the likelihood that people would switch to Linux. The obvious question, now that we have over 10,000 submissions, is "Which is the most-requested application?" This information will be gladly shared and discussed, along with some other fascinating revelations.

Let's consider these top applications, as listed below:

Top 10 Applications (last 31 days)
Rank Application
1. Photoshop
2. Autocad
3. Dreamweaver
4. iTunes
5. Macromedia Studio
6. Flash
7. Quicken
8. Visio
9. Quickbooks
10. Lotus Notes

Quite honestly, when we first began the survey, the financial applications seemed to be the ones people most wanted. As you can see, however, things have changed quite a bit. Common areas now seem to be Internet publication, design, and multimedia. The top six applications fall into at least one of these categories. These types of trends have not always been so.

Several years ago, when I first started with Linux, it seemed that, when people thought of Linux, they mostly thought of using it as some kind of server. Mostly, this came in the form of a webserver. As Linux matured, the number of those using it on the desktop increased with time. At that point, the biggest demand was more for basic types of applications. This included word processing, email clients, web browsers, spreadsheet applications, and the like.

Very quickly, those needs started being filled rather nicely. We had OpenOffice and KOffice for word processing and spreadsheets. There was Thunderbird, KMail, and Evolution for email. Web browsers included Firefox, Konqueror, Mozilla, Galeon, and Epiphany, to name a few.

As peoples' needs in those arenas were filled, they wanted media players for their music. An interest in graphic design and manipulation became more apparent. Pretty soon, people not only considered the possibility of Linux as a multimedia platform, but, as we can see, they are now demanding it. This has given rise to newer projects like Kino for video editing. Also available are Audacity, Ardour, and Muse for studio-quality sound production. It's a nice trend to see. Linux is moving forward faster now than ever.

So, where do the people live that are taking this survey?

Top 10 Countries (last 31 days)
Rank Country
1. United States
2. Germany
3. Italy
4. Spain
5. Poland
6. Canada
7. Russian Federation
8. Brazil
9. United Kingdom
10. Hungary

The United States is listed in the number one spot. It was also listed there last time I put out this report. However, there were a few days within the past week where Germany actually had the highest overall number of requests. Also, in the first report, English-speaking nations represented a vast majority of the overall submissions. At this time, considering the top 10 countries, non-English speaking nations represent 61.5% of the overall requests. English-speaking countries represent 38.5% of them.

Let's combine these two reports and see which countries are requesting which applications.

United States





It's interesting to see how different these countries are in the applications they want ported to Linux. I say let's go after the top 10 most requested applications to start with. If only it were that easy. Well, knowing what applications people want ported is a huge step in the right direction for proponents of open-source platforms.

Take a second and fill out the survey. Barring spamming the survey, you can make as many submissions as you wish. Please keep it to one application per submission.

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