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GWAVACon Uses Desktop Multiplier for Novell Linux Desktop Internet Cafe

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Posted: 14 Feb 2006

GWAVACon Uses Desktop Multiplier for Novell Linux Desktop Internet Café

Providing public access computers to attendees is a requirement at any technology trade show. The objective is quite straightforward: Provide users who don't bring along laptops with the ability to stay connected during the trade show. But how do you quickly and cost effectively install and configure enough machines to allow attendees to securely access the Internet? Learn how GWAVA solved this challenge at GWAVACon.

"Many GWAVACon attendees bring laptops and notebooks to stay connected," says Richard Bliss, VP of Marketing for GWAVA. "But we still wanted to provide an Internet café for those people who didn't bring a laptop or who just wanted to quickly check their email. In the past, we have installed and configured multiple individual machines to deliver this service. After seeing the Desktop Multiplier for Novell Linux Desktop successfully used to provide the Internet café at the GroupWise European Summit, we decided to use that solution for GWAVACon this year."

Rather than installing and configuring individual machines, GWAVACon took advantage of the power of Novell Linux Desktop and the Desktop Multiplier. The Desktop Multiplier allows up to 10 users to access a single Novell Linux Desktop computer at once. It took five minutes to install the Desktop Multiplier software and 15 minutes to connect the six monitors and USB keyboards and mice. In 20 minutes, from start to finish, the Internet café was up and running.

"The beauty of the Desktop Multiplier implementation at GWAVACon was that they were able to use an existing computer running Novell Linux Desktop to provide the Internet café," explains Trevor Poapst, Global Strategist for the Desktop Multiplier software. "By adding three dual-head video cards, six monitors and six USB keyboards and mice to an existing Novell Linux Desktop computer, GWAVA was able to quickly deliver Internet access to conference attendees. When you compare the simplicity of installing the Desktop Multiplier to the challenge of installing, configuring and securing multiple individual workstations, you can see one of the immediate benefits of the Linux Desktop Multiplier - speed and ease of deployment. But when you factor in the decreased costs related to being able to use existing hardware, the ability to install and secure the software once, and the flexibility of being able to run up to 10 concurrent user sessions from a single computer, the full value of the Desktop Multiplier comes to the forefront. If GWAVACon had needed to add another 10 or 20 public access stations, it would have been a simple matter of adding one or two more Destkop Multiplier computers and the monitors, keyboards and mice."

"GWAVACon attendees were able to use the Desktop Multiplier to access Novell GroupWise, Novell GroupWise Messenger, Firefox and Open Office," continues Bliss. "GWAVACon is a leading technology trade show. Being able to showcase Novell Linux Desktop and the power of the Desktop Multiplier was an excellent fit. And the best part of it all was how well the Desktop Multiplier and the Novell Linux Desktop performed. Attendees were amazed they were all accessing a single computer."

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