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Using the Domino Admin Process with the Notes Driver Shim

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By Perry Nuffer

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Posted: 22 Feb 2006


A reader recently asked the following question:

"When using the Notes driver shim v2.1 or higher, is the Domino Administration Process (AdminP) utilized (or needed) to process Add User commands on the subscriber channel?"

And here's the response from Novell's Perry Nuffer ...


Most all User Add command options (Notes user registration, certificate (UserID) creation, mailfile creation and settings, population of most fields, etc) do not need the Domino Administration Process (AdminP) to successfully complete. However, there are a few custom password settings that you may set on a user add command that require the AdminP process to run before they become effective.

When the following custom attributes are included in an Add User command, then the Notes driver shim uses an AdminP method to appropriately apply the attributes to the user:


Respectively, these custom attributes ultimately make changes to the following Notes person fields:

field name = "CheckPassword"; data type = "Text"
field name = "PasswordChangeInterval"; data type = "Number"
field name = "PasswordGracePeriod"; data type = "Number"
field name = "HTTPPasswordForceChange"; data type = "Text"

The management of these custom attributes for the Notes Driver is demonstrated in the Notes.xml pre-configuration file. Check out the list of Global Configuration Variables (GCVs) and the AddAccountNotesOptions Creation Policy rules for these custom attributes:

RuleName = Add Account: Notes User Password Check Setting
GCVName =  Add User: Notes User Password Check Setting
GCV = account.cert.pwdchksetting
Add Account: Notes User Password Change Interval
GCVName =  Add User: Notes User Change Interval (in days)
GCV = account.cert.pwdchginterval
Add Account: Notes User Password Change Grace Period 
GCVName =  Add User: Notes User Change Grace Period (in days)
GCV = account.cert.pwdgraceperiod
Add Account: Notes User Password Force Internet Password Change 
GCVName =  Add User: Notes User Internet Password Change Required
GCV = account.cert.forceinternetpwdchange

If you use these custom attributes to set these user password settings for Notes user add commands, then you may also want to set the GCV "Add User: Tell AdminP Process Command" (GCV=account.AddAdminPCmd) to 'all', 'new', 'people', etc. This will enable AdminP to process the request quickly and apply attributes to the newly created user.

If you don't care about applying these custom password settings quickly after user add commands are processed, then set the "Add User: Tell AdminP Process Command" GCV to 'Default'. When this GCV is set to "default" the Notes driver shim does not send AdminP processing command triggers corresponding to Add User commands, and any AdminP request generated by the driver will be processed at a regular interval determined by the Domino server settings.

If the version of Domino is below 6.0.3, then these custom driver parameters (notes-password-check-setting, notes-password-change-interval, notes-password-grace-period, internet-password-force-change) will be ignored.

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