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GWAVA Announces Release of Reload for GroupWise

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Posted: 28 Feb 2006

Montreal, Quebec - February 28, 2006 - GWAVA today announces the release of Reload. Reload is a hot backup and restore solution for GroupWise administrators to rapidly and easily restore an entire GroupWise system or a single GroupWise email message. Organizations can now restore single messages, allow users to automatically recover deleted mail in minutes and dramatically improve the reliability and speed of backup and restore procedures. Since Reload is built around and designed for GroupWise, it uses native application calls to ensure perfect backups of GroupWise.

"Single-message recovery of lost data has always been an important issue for GroupWise administrators," says Susan Salgy, Founder of GroupWise Cool Solutions. "Solving this problem is considered the Holy Grail of GroupWise."

Reload is able to provide a reliable, scalable solution that provides easy restore capabilities. Single message restore is important for individual users, while system wide restore is important for disaster recovery.

Reload is designed to run on Novell's Linux Platform. By leveraging the strength of Linux, Reload helps GroupWise administrators make the transition to Linux deployment in their enterprise.

"Reload fulfills a very important part for those administrators looking to move to GroupWise on Linux," says Charles Taite, CTO of GWAVA. "If you are moving to GroupWise on Linux, having backup and restore tools like Reload is imperative to ensure business continuity."

While Reload is deployed on the Linux Platform, it backs up GroupWise systems running on NetWare, Windows, or Linux. These backups are made across the network to the Reload server which dramatically reduces backup times and ensures reliability. For long-term storage to tape, the offline operation of Reload makes backup to tape quick and easy for the administrator.

ABOUT GWAVA: GWAVA is the worldwide leader of software solutions for Novell GroupWise and is the largest Novell GroupWise Partner.

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