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Configuring GroupWise for Clustering

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By Morris Blackham

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Posted: 16 May 2006

Here are the changes that have been made in GroupWise 7, SP1, to help with cluster configuration:

"Configure for clustering" Option in Install

We recommend that if you are doing a cluster configuration, you create a Software Distribution Directory on one of the cluster resources, or some other partition/volume that can be mounted from any cluster node. Then run the install from there. The install will keep a running configuration in the /gwint/config/clusterimport.conf file for all agent/gwia/webacc configurations that are done. This is the same data that is written to gwha.conf.

We also recommend that all configurations be done from a "primary install" cluster node, as this makes it easier to keep track of what has been configured. So, put the particular cluster resource to this node online prior to configuring each particular agent.

The configure option for the agents will ask for a cluster resource mount-point. We'll use this to configure the agent to pull the startup file from /<mountpoint>/groupwise/agents/share and configure the agent to place the log files under the cluster resource as well.

"Import clustering data" Option

Once all agent configurations are done, then you would need to go to all other cluster nodes and install all relevant agent software (rpms), but do not configure them. Use the "Import clustering data" Option. This will give a list of configured agents from the clusterimport.conf file, and allow you to import any/all agent config to this particluar cluster node. This then writes the data to gwha.conf and drops the grpwise startup file to /etc/init.d.

Here is an issue: the clusterimport.conf only has the @startupfile option, so importing it into the nodes gwha.conf will not get the agent object name. The easiest way around this is:

1. From the "primary install" node, after configuring each agent, run it once to get the object name written to gwha.conf.

2. After all agents are run, then scp the gwha.conf file to all other cluster nodes.

3. scp the grpwise script as well, if you don't do the import cluster data option from above.

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