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Got Skills? Bridge 'em to Linux - Part 3

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Posted: 30 Mar 2006

Got Skills? Bridge 'em to Linux - Part 3
by Kendra Dalin
Novell Connection Magazine - March 2006

Here's an excerpt:

If you're as comfortable with NetWare services as you are in your favorite old jeans, we've got good news: the NetWare services you've grown to know and love are also available on Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux. The arguably better news is that getting and keeping Open Enterprise Server for Linux up and running is easier than you might think?and this series intends to prove it to you.

This article is the third in a nine-part series designed to help you bridge your NetWare skills to Open Enterprise Server for Linux. Like the free Novell training program upon which it is based, this series seeks to demystify the process of deploying and managing Open Enterprise Server for Linux.

The article that launched this series offered a brief history of Linux, an explanation of open source, and a discussion of the Novell-Linux relationship. (See "Got Skills?" Novell Connection Online, January 2006.)

Last month's article continued the series' effort to increase your Linux comfort level by introducing Linux runlevels, discussing how to use the Linux desktop and shell, and explaining how to log in and out of as well as shut down and restart your Linux server. (See "Back to Basics," Novell Connection, Q1 2006.)

This article introduces Open Enterprise Server and discusses the services it provides for both the Linux and NetWare platforms. It also overviews the options, tools and steps involved in installing Open Enterprise Server for Linux.

The Power of Two

Open Enterprise Server offers two operating systems in one package:

  • NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 4
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Service Pack 2

What this means to you is that Open Enterprise Server is not a 1.0 product that you have to wait to deploy. These platforms have been tried and tested in production environments for a long time and already have the kinks worked out.

Open Enterprise Server enables you to easily run these two proven operating systems separately or side by side. Novell has taken pains to ensure that the two platforms work together seamlessly and that you can manage them easily. For example, on both platforms, you manage Open Enterprise Server using the same browser-based utility, Novell iManager.

With Open Enterprise Server, you get all of the staple Novell services?including networking, identity, communication, collaboration and application services?on the Linux platform in addition to the traditional NetWare platform. Open Enterprise Server for Linux enables you to run both Novell services and any of thousands of Linux applications (which are available at little or sometimes even no cost) on the same server.

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