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Got Skills? Bridge 'em to Linux - Part 4

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Posted: 20 Apr 2006

Got Skills? Bridge 'em to Linux - Part 4
by Kendra Dalin
Novell Connection Magazine - April 2006

Here's an excerpt:

If you're as comfortable with NetWare services as you are in your favorite old jeans, we've got good news: the NetWare services you've grown to know and love are also available on Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux. The arguably better news is that getting and keeping Open Enterprise Server for Linux up and running is easier than you might think?and this series intends to prove it to you.

This is the fourth article in a nine-part series designed to help you bridge your NetWare skills to Open Enterprise Server for Linux. Like Novell's free training program upon which it is based, this series seeks to demystify the process of deploying and managing Open Enterprise Server for Linux. (Click here to visit the free Novell training site.)

The first three articles in this series provided primarily background information, including a summary of the Linux history, a discussion of Linux fundamentals, and an introduction to Novell Open Enterprise Server. If you haven't already, check out the previous parts to this series:

This article builds upon this foundation, taking the series' first big step toward helping you bridge the gap between your NetWare know-how and Linux naivete. To this end, this article shows you commonly used NetWare commands and tasks and then highlights the simple functional equivalents on Open Enterprise Server for Linux.

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