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Policy-Based Archiving, Discovery, and Compliance for GroupWise

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By IntelliReach

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Posted: 2 May 2006

E-mail and IM retention have become mandatory for organizations of all sizes in order to enable prompt discovery in legal matters, as well as to ensure compliance with specific regulations and business policies.

Find out how e-mail and IM archiving addresses these issues by viewing an on-demand web demo of IntelliReach mx2020. It's the world's first completely integrated messaging management solution that combines archiving, compliance, discovery, filtering, and secure messaging into a single policy-based system delivered as a managed service.

To view this 15-minute on-demand web demo of the IntelliReach mx2020 archiving and discovery module for GroupWise, go to:

With policy-based email and IM archiving from IntelliReach mx2020, customers can define which messages to archive, where they are stored, and for how long. The archiving and discovery module also provides:
  • Instantaneous search with full audit trails
  • Single-instance storage
  • Compliance with email retention regulations

IntelliReach mx2020's integrated messaging management dramatically reduces the complexity, cost, and risk associated with enterprise GroupWise environments. See this truly innovative technology for yourself by viewing the on-demand web demo and find out how IntelliReach mx2020 can simplify email management for your organization.

For more information about integrated messaging management from IntelliReach, please contact us via phone at: 1-800-219-9838 or via email at:

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