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Posted: 9 May 2006

Orem, Utah, May 4, 2006 - Nexic, the makers of Discovery, today announce the release of Discovery 7 for Novell GroupWise. Nexic Discovery automates the process of archiving GroupWise email messages, providing multiple solutions to address the wide range of retention needs encountered by organizations of all sizes.

Discovery meets the growing needs that GroupWise organizations face with managing email. Discovery helps organizations facing compliance and legal discovery requirements, employee turnover and expired mailboxes, archiving of personal messages, as well as alleviating the explosive growth of email databases.

Leveraging powerful new server-side APIs introduced within GroupWise, Discovery is able to provide comprehensive archive management of all GroupWise messages on multiple platforms. Discovery uses the new SOAP API to provide unmatched integration and performance with GroupWise.

"Nexic has been a key contributor to the implementation of the SOAP protocol within GroupWise," said Jay Parker, GroupWise development manager for Novell. "Since the beginning of developing the new SOAP API, Nexic has provided valuable testing, feedback and enhancements."

Discovery allows extensive flexibility by providing multiple output formats, including forwarding messages to products listening on a SMTP port, portable XML file-based solutions, and high volume scalability with SQL Databases such as Oracle.

The ability to archive via SMTP lets GroupWise customers access powerful new document management, compliance and retention products. The portable XML file solution allows messages to be saved to DVD, or other media for storage or to be shared externally. Discovery?s high volume SQL database solution allows millions of messages to be retained for multiple years in a scalable format.

"Discovery 7 is the result of six years of experience working with GroupWise and retaining messages," said Jeff Stratford, President of Nexic. "Our experience has taught us that one archiving strategy does not address all the needs an organization encounters. The new cross-platform architecture gives organizations the flexibility to integrate multiple retention solutions into their overall corporate archiving strategy."

A dedicated Novell GroupWise partner, Nexic also recognizes the importance of developing to the increasingly popular Linux OS. Discovery 7 supports deployment to Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and later as well as Novell NetWare and Windows.

About Nexic, Inc.

Founded in 1996, Nexic, Inc is one of the foremost software companies developing innovative and successful business solutions designed to enhance and simplify the Novell GroupWise world. Nexic's most popular products provide email retention solutions addressing the full spectrum of archiving needs for individuals, and small to large organizations world-wide. The company headquarters are located in Orem, Utah, USA. For more information, visit or contact 801-434-4717.

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