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How Novell Sentinel Enriches Novell Identity Manager

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By Steven L. Weitzeil

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Posted: 17 May 2006

Here are six key areas where Novell Sentinel enriches Novell Identity Manager in the Security and Compliance arena:

1. Connectivity to Disparate Systems and Devices

Sentinel provides many data collectors that enable event and data gathering from a wide variety of disparate systems including: mainframes, devices, applications, and operating systems. This improved connectivity enables Sentinel and IDM to react to security issues from around the enterprise and ultimately help improve overall security.

2. Monitoring Enterprise Events and Data

  • Events and data are easily displayed, reported, and stored. Business context is added to the data, making it easier to understand.
  • Events are correlated with other events enabling the tracking of related transactions.
  • Gathered information is filtered and displayed on user configured displays. This enables the user to see just the data they are interested in.

3. Validation Against Corporate Rules and Policies

You can automatically monitor corporate rules and policies and initiate other applications to take action. Administrators are alerted and notified when compliance policies are violated.

4. Standards-based Integration with IDM

The JMS message bus-based architecture enables easy integration with existing Novell products such as IDM. When compliance policies are violated, IDM may be notified via the message bus. IDM may then act accordingly to address the problem. Here are a few examples:

  • User provisioning or deprovisioning
  • Access or password management
  • Account or directory management

5. Workflow Services

User defined workflow processes may be launched based upon response to policy violations or events. With these processes, one may:
  • Enable the automation and monitoring of corporate-wide best practices.
  • Create audit trails of enterprise activities and transactions.
  • Enable consistent, repeatable, documented response to violations.

The utilization of workflows drives the "mean time to resolution" of problems.

6. Reporting

The Sentinel reporting capabilities provide increased visibility of the enterprise's compliance to policy and perimeter security. There is configurable aggregation of data into easily understood formats. The reports produce "always-current" data.

Configurable data queries are available, with the ability to export to advanced analytical tools. This enables the analysis of enterprise trends.

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