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How to set NMAS method at the container level in eDirectory 8.8 or above

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By Harshwardhan Pradhan

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Posted: 24 May 2006


Prior to eDirectory 8.8, users having different authentication methods like Simple Password, CertMutual etc. were able to authenticate without setting any default login sequence for that user. For example, a user with Simple Password would use the Simple Password method for authentication.

From eDirectory 8.8 onwards, users with an authentication method other than NDS will not be able to authenticate by default. So the administrator has to set the default login sequence manually for all these users. If the users under a container have the same authentication method, then the default login sequence can be set at the container level. That way it gets set for all the users under that container, and the administrator doesn't have to set it for each user manually.


Here are the steps to set the default login sequence at the container level:

1. Log in to iManager.

2. If all the users under a container are using same authentication mechanism, then go to Modify Object and browse to the container where all the users with the same NMAS method reside.

Figure 1 - Modify Object

3. Click the Other tab, and in the Unvalued Attributes list click the sasDefaultLoginSequence attribute.

Figure 2 - Unvalued Attributes

4. Set the NMAS method (Simple Password, CertMutual, etc.) that the users under this container are using.

Figure 3 - Setting the NMAS Method

Figure 4 - Setting the NMAS Method, cont'd.

5. Apply these settings.


From eDirectory 8.8 onwards, if users are using an NMAS method other than NDS, then NDSD_TRY_NMASLOGIN_FIRST variable needs to be set on the eDirectory server, and the default login sequence needs to be set for that user. Once the default login sequence gets set on a container, it gets inherited to all the users under that container; there is no need to set it for them explicitly unless the login sequence is changed.

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