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Posted: 23 May 2006

Partnership offers Novell GroupWise users integration between GWAVA and Nexic products

MONTREAL, QUEBEC - May 23, 2006 - GWAVA and Nexic have announced a new strategic partnership. GWAVA and Nexic will use this new partnership to further provide GroupWise users with the tools necessary for maximum Novell GroupWise protection, security, and management.

Nexic specializes in developing custom software solutions and enhancing Novell's GroupWise product. Members of their team have over 18 years of experience developing software solutions, with 16 years of experience developing specifically for the various different GroupWise APIs. Their products center on GroupWise archiving solutions including Discovery and Personal Publisher.

"Nexic is extremely pleased with this opportunity to partner with GWAVA," says Jeff Stratford, President and CEO of Nexic. "This partnership will allow both companies to provide comprehensive and superiorly integrated solutions to the GroupWise community."

GWAVA has become the largest and most successful partner for GroupWise in the history of the GroupWise product. Millions of users have come to rely on GWAVA to fulfill their unique needs. Since its beginning in September of 2001, GWAVA has had a single focus; to provide the very best solutions to the Novell GroupWise community and to meet the unique needs of GroupWise organizations.

"GWAVA is very excited to partner with Nexic and offer GroupWise users more integration with GWAVA," says Charles Taite, CTO of GWAVA. "GroupWise users are in need of a good archiving solution. We feel that integration with Nexic will enhance the GWAVA products and solve the problems of many GroupWise users."

Under the new partnership, GWAVA and Nexic will combine their efforts to compliment their many products and offer enhanced services to the GroupWise community.


GWAVA is the worldwide leader of software solutions for Novell GroupWise and is the largest Novell GroupWise Partner.

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