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Cool Blog: The Yin and Yang of Identity Management

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By Volker Scheuber

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Posted: 14 Jun 2006

In my last post, I asked you what console strategy you would prefer. I would now like to share some insights with you about what the Designer for Identity Manager future holds. Your posts have all been received, and in my hallway where my office is, I was called "trouble maker" for 2 weeks after my post.

See how Designer for Identity Manager is going to address the issues that were brought up.

For the public, Designer for Identity Manager started off as an offline-only tool, and we got overwhelmingly positive feedback to this new approach. Now that Designer for IDM is in the maturing phase, we get a lot of requests for "live" features. You and others told us that it is awkward to Alt+Tab over to iManager, do an object modification, watch the trace to see the result and then Alt+Tab back to Designer to make changes to the driver configuration, run the changes through the Simulator, deploy them, and again Alt+Tab back over to iManager.

We cannot complete the whole visionary picture in a single milestone, but we work one stroke of a brush after the other. Some strokes have been painted long ago, like the ability to start/stop/status drivers from Designer, and some are being painted at this very moment. In our next milestone release you will get access to another experimental live feature: an identity vault browser with object access.

The identity vault browser lets you browse every identity vault in your current project and allows logins to any other tree as well. The feature currently allows you also to edit any object with a generic object/attribute editor, and you will be able to define customized UI for your schema on a per object class basis. In one of the future milestones we will add object creation, rename, move and delete.

iManager remains the primary edirectory administration tool for anything that goes beyond the above-mentioned capabilties. Designer and iManager are the yin and yang of IDM management.

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