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GWAVA and Nexic Create First Integrated Backup and Archival Service for GroupWise

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Posted: 6 Jun 2006

MONTREAL, QUEBEC and OREM, UTAH - June 5, 2006 - Less than two weeks since forming a new strategic partnership, GWAVA and Nexic today announced their first service, Quick Restore. With Quick Restore, Novell GroupWise end users have vitally important data backup and archiving functionality integrated with the ability to immediately restore such data, all from within the GroupWise client. This integration of Nexic's Discovery functionality with GWAVA's Reload capabilities offers enterprises using GroupWise the most efficient way to restore offline information, reducing a process that used to take up to 24 hours to mere seconds.

"Organizations need to backup data and they need to archive information for a wide variety of business critical and compliance reasons," said Charles Taite, CTO of GWAVA. "The Quick Restore integration of Nexic Discovery and GWAVA Reload creates the first-ever integrated offline restore functionality of archived or backed-up data from within the GroupWise client."

Discovery meets many of the needs that GroupWise organizations face with archiving and managing email. Discovery provides organizations with solutions to address compliance and legal discovery requirements, employee turnover, expired mailboxes, archiving of personal messages, as well as alleviating the explosive growth of email databases.

GWAVA's Reload, the only quick and easy backup and restore solution for GroupWise allows organizations to simplify the process of protecting and recovering vital information stored in GroupWise. Organizations can now restore single messages, providing users a faster way to automatically recover deleted mail and dramatically improve the reliability and speed of backup and restore procedures.

"Businesses concerned with the integrity of important data stored on their email systems will see the Nexic Discovery and GWAVA Reload integration as yet another compelling reason to use the GroupWise platform," says Jeff Strafford, president and CEO of Nexic. "The powerful feature set makes GroupWise the standard among organizations seeking to enhance employee collaboration. With Quick Restore from Nexic and GWAVA, GroupWise becomes the choice for organizations concerned with data integrity, protection and meeting compliance rules."

GWAVA's Reload and Nexic's Discovery services are available on Linux, NetWare or Windows, and Quick Restore is available on the Windows GroupWise client.

About Nexic

Founded in 1996, Nexic, Inc is one of the foremost software companies developing innovative and successful business solutions designed to enhance and simplify the Novell GroupWise world. Nexic's most popular products provide email retention solutions addressing the full spectrum of archiving needs for individuals, and small to large organizations world-wide. The company headquarters are located in Orem, Utah, USA. For more information, visit or contact 801-434-4717


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