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Authenticate to Multiple Sites with SecureLogin

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Posted: 14 Feb 2002

SecureLogin provides access to virtually all enterprise applications and web sites using a single login. It's a solution that saves time and reduces the cost associated with lost or forgotten passwords.

One of our Cool Solutions readers was setting up SecureLogin to brew his coffee, brush his teeth, and log him into various and sundry web services first thing every morning. Here's one of his questions -- and an answer or two.

The Question:
Okay, I want to do a single-sign on to an Internet

The page I access is:

In this page, there are 2 login prompts. The first is for the site (free Internet mailing service by rediff) and the other is for rediffmail pro (a paid service).

When I enter my username and password for the rediffmail service and hit the Login button, the WebSSO component of SecureLogin picks up the username and password without any issues.

But when I try the login afresh, it puts the username and password in the rediffmail Pro login portion of the screen.

How can the default script be changed, so that this is properly handled?

The Answer:
We were able to use SecureLogin 3.0 to create the following script that seems to work:

type ""
type $Username
type $Password password
type ""
type ""
type ""
type ""

The online documentation has a list of these commands and more. Find the docs here.

For information on Novell's SecureLogin product, go here.

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