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Posted: 5 Jul 2006

It seems that even with the hype around anywhere, anytime connection there is still an overwhelming demand for secure, reliable, cost effective, local synchronization.

With a hassle-free, client-based installation and no need for additional administration and maintenance, SyncWisePro has been the product of choice for GroupWise Palm users for over a decade. Now with the increased popularity of the Windows Mobile devices everyone seems to be asking one question "Where is SyncWisePro for my new Windows Mobile device?"

The Good News!

SyncWisePro for Windows Mobile (SyncWiseProW) is now in development and is due for release 31st July 2006. SyncWiseProW will include all the feature-rich and easy to use options available in SyncWisePro, with the familiar user-friendly interface people have come to know and love, not to mention the reliable and robust sync engine itself!

Special Earlybird Offer!

As a special offer, Toffa ( is now taking pre-orders for SyncWiseProW from now until 24th July 2006 (1 week prior to release), all pre-orders will receive 50% off the standard list price of £69.95. So don't delay order your copy of SyncWiseProW today for the special price of just £34.95.

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