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A Hardened Backend - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

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Posted: 28 Jun 2006

Tech Talk #2 - A Hardened Backend
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

by Ken Baker
Novell Connection Magazine - Q2 2006

Here's an excerpt:

A hundred years from now historians will look back at us as the "Super Size Me" generation. But it's not just at the fast food joints; we want more time, more fun, more money, more of our fair share, more of the good things of life. We're a society obsessed with getting more. Of course, in the business world it goes beyond obsession. The life and death of an enterprise hinges on its ability to get more from its people, more for its money and more from its IT investments.

When it comes to more performance, more scalability, more manageability, more reliability, more security, more support and more for your money, Novell has a strong reputation of delivering all that and more. But the new release of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 takes supersized leaps in giving businesses so much more of what they are looking for in a world-class enterprise server operating system. As with any new release, the server component of the platform, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, has of course more features than its predecessors, but there are three significant additions to the server that go a long way toward pleasing the ever-growing demand for more.

  • AppArmor Application Security
  • Storage Foundation
  • Server Virtualization

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