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Posted: 6 Jul 2006

Novell Connection: Nuts About the Desktop
by Lucia Krinsky
Novell Connection Magazine - Q2 2006

The All-in-One Desktop Solution of the Future...Today. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10

Here's an excerpt:

When Nat Friedman comes to Novell each day, he's not worrying about how to build the best Linux desktop. He has a bigger goal in mind: he and his crack team of engineers, interface designers and artists want to build the best desktop. Period.

This year that team is delivering SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. When you see it, you'll change the way you think about Linux.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop breaks the mold. It's a Linux desktop packed with innovations, technical breakthroughs, and features that set new standards for desktop usability and interoperability. It's a desktop that deserves your attention. You'll want to get it and run it, and then you'll want to use it every day. For work. For real work. It's that good.

Where do desktops begin? With users, of course. Sitting in front of every business desktop is a business user. A person just like you, with a hundred things on their to-do list and a thousand unread e-mails in their Inbox. Whether they're in sales or marketing, administrative support or the executive suite, they have meetings to schedule, reports to read, documents to write and presentations to prepare. End users place high demands on their desktop. They expect it to work, to be easy to use and to get the job done.

> Enter SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

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