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By Alex Evans

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Posted: 8 Aug 2006

Gone are the days when every other call was a WebAccess abend and we got to spend hours uploading, downloading, extracting and reading coredumps. We all like to look back on those days with a sense of teary-eyed nostalgia. OK, so I may be exaggerating a little but there is a point to this. Some of the more common calls, pre-GW7, were WebAccess viewer abends. The Document Viewer Agent (GWDVA) has put paid to those calls by protecting you from the downtime associated with them.

What it does is load a number of worker threads into protected address spaces and, when a document causes an abend, the worker thread address space is automatically killed and respawned. This means that you no longer have to restart the entire server, and your users are not all kicked out.

Still, that's also not the point of this post - the point is that the abends will still happen, you just don't notice them anymore.

The default GWDVA settings will discard the problem documents, but that doesn't help us get the issue fixed - other documents that have the same problem will continue to be unviewable. So, there are some switches that you can enable that will allow you to collect the problem files so you can submit them to Novell to get the viewers fixed.

The startup file you need to modify is GWDVA.DVA found in sys:\system, /opt/novell/groupwise/webaccess and c:\grpwise (?). The settings in question are:

/hold enable it

/maxhold-[number] Doesn't need to be set, unless you want more than the default 100Mb max hold size.

/email-"x@y.z" Enter an address that you want notifications to be sent to, enclosed in quotes.

/ The best option for this is your own internal domain name.

/relay-[ip address] This is the address of an SMTP gateway. Your GWIA address is the best bet here.

If you get all that done, then every time the GWDVA fails to convert a document, the person defined in "/email" will get a mail notification with the link to the file in the "/hold" location. You can then open an incident or a bug report with the document, so we can submit it to Stellent, the people that make the viewers.

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