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Posted: 9 Aug 2006

WALTHAM, Mass. - 02 Aug 2006 - Novell today announced the upcoming availability of Novell BorderManager 3.9. Due in January 2007, BorderManager 3.9 will include enhancements such as a single, consolidated management framework; a Linux VPN client; and more robust and user-friendly site-to-site VPN services. BorderManager has delivered forward proxy, content filtering and VPN services to thousands of Novell customers, and this new release will enable them to continue leveraging these services on the NetWare platform.

General support for BorderManager 3.8 - including support packs and field patches in response to customer issues verified through Novell Technical Services - will continue through November of 2007. BorderManager customers can obtain additional information by contacting the Novell Customer Response Center at 800-529-3400 or More information about BorderManager can be found at

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