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Posted: 23 Aug 2006

The Automobile Association (AA) has provided its members with breakdown support since 1949, and now offers many other services including motor insurance, driving lessons and the production of maps and guidebooks. The AA serves a membership of more than 15 million drivers across the UK.


The Association's existing processes for managing users on its network were based on SAP* Human Resources software. The creation and deletion of user identities was a largely manual process, and it was difficult to track changes to the user database. A low level of control over user identities was putting the organization at risk - and if the network were compromised, senior management could be held responsible.

Novell Solution

The AA implemented a solution based on Novell Identity Manager and Novell eDirectory, running on Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The new solution will be integrated with the Association's existing SAP Human Resources system, ensuring that user identities are correctly synchronized across the organization.

"The Novell solution is an excellent fit for the AA, helping to increase information security and reduce business risk while keeping costs under control," said James McNeilly, Senior Architect at AA.

Novell eDirectory keeps track of all the AA's assets - from servers and workstations to employees - by organising them into a logical tree. An object's position in this tree determines its access rights, which makes it easy for system administrators to implement access controls both globally and on an individual basis.

Novell Identity Manager will be used to synchronize account information between eDirectory and SAP Human Resources, and extend it across all internal systems, enabling consistent control over user access.

"Novell Identity Manager and Novell eDirectory will provide us a huge degree of control over user management," said McNeilly. "At the same time, we anticipate that the new system will be much simpler to use, and will save time and reduce workload for our IT team."


Critically, the new solution enables the AA to audit its identity management - the Association can get a clear view not only of which users have which rights, but who granted those rights, and when. This will aid compliance with FSA guidelines by establishing a better information security framework, enabling the AA's IT staff to provide management with full audit reports on network security and to monitor the success of IT policies and processes.

By simplifying and automating its user provisioning processes with Novell Identity Manager and Novell eDirectory, the AA expects to significantly reduce the workload for its IT staff, making accounts easier to create and delete.

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