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Cool Blog: GroupWise Supports SLES 10 and SLED 10

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By Bill Pray

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Posted: 8 Aug 2006

The official word is in the process of being announced, but with the recent launch of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, I wanted to get the news out that GroupWise is supported with SLES 10 and SLED 10.

For GroupWise server installation and use, GroupWise supports SLES 10 as a supported platform for all server components.

The GroupWise 7 Linux client is supported and available with the SLED 10 for the workstation.

GroupWise also includes an entitlement to SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10. Through this entitlement, customers may deploy SLES 10 on as many servers as needed to host GroupWise services for their enterprise.

GroupWise customers who take advantage of this opportunity, and have purchased upgrade protection for GroupWise, are entitled to SLES 10 security patches for their GroupWise servers at no additional cost.

If customers have purchased upgrade protection for GroupWise 7, they are also entitled to future versions of GroupWise and to the version of SLES shipping with future versions of GroupWise, for all servers hosting GroupWise services. Customers are only entitled to these upgrades if they have paid for GroupWise upgrade protection, and the SLES upgrades are only applicable to servers hosting GroupWise services.

Customers can obtain technical support for SLES through normal channels such as Novell Technical Support or Premium Support contracts.

Novell's internal IT department is running GroupWise on Linux on several servers. Their observations are that GW on Linux provides the following specific benefits:

  • Improved stability: Fewer system faults and reduced impact from other application faults.
  • Better application fault handling and recovery: Faster, more automated GroupWise agent restarts.
  • Lower impact: No database corruptions with agent crashes and minimal database corruption resulting from hardware or power failures.
  • Better process-management tools: Automated scripts for loading and unloading agents.

We also have a migration tool that is in process and nearly complete that will seamlessly migrate GroupWise POAs to a Linux server. The engineering work is complete and it is now in the testing process. Look for this free utility to become available sometime mid to end of September.

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