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Running VMware Server on a NSS partition with OES

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By Florian Deckert

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Posted: 11 Aug 2006


Running VMware Server on a NSS partition with OES.

When trying to store a VM on an NSS partition, VMware will crash with "caught signal 7" every time it tries to start a VM. VMware's running fine if the VM is stored on a ReiserFS.


First you will need to install a few extra components on your OES box from YaST: "C/C++ Compiler", Tools" and "kernel-source". The sources then need to be configured for the running kernel:

cd /usr/src/linux
make cloneconfig

Install the VMware-server-1.0.rpm file and start configuring:
default VM home folder : /home/vmware
compile the modules with default options
use default port 902 to handle remote management 
(the tool will complain that port 902 is used and propose port 904)

Create a LUM enabled "vmware" user in eDirectory. Create a folder called "/media/nss/VOL1/vmware" on the NSS volume with "vmware" as trustee RWCF.

Also create a folder "/home/vmware" and add "vmware" user as owner:

chown vmware /home/vmware

To log into VMware with the remote management tool, the pam.d file also needs to be reconfigured "/etc/pam.d/vmware-authd". Add:

auth      sufficient  /lib/security/
account   sufficient  /lib/security/
password  sufficient  /lib/security/
session   optional  /lib/security/

Now you can login to the server using the VMware console and create a new VM "my_vm". All of the files will be created in "/home/vmware".

The VM disk files can now be moved to the NSS disk:

mv /home/vmware/my_vm.vmdk /media/nss/VOL1/vmware

The last think to do is to reconfigure the VM to use the new virtual HD:

vi /home/vmware/my_vm.vmx



Now you can enjoy the beauty of VM, and even host Windows on your Linux box ;-)


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