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Migrating GroupWise to Open Enterprise Server on Linux

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Posted: 9 Aug 2006

Migrating GroupWise to Open Enterprise Server on Linux
The Novell IS&T Messaging Team Shows How They Did It
by Steve Whitehouse
Novell Connection Magazine - July 2006

Here's an excerpt:

I was startled from a deep sleep by the distinct ring of my cell phone. Once my eyes focused, I glanced at the clock. It was 2:14 a.m. Who would call my cell phone at that hour? The number looked familiar, and after answering it, I recognized the caller's voice. It was our after-hours escalation hotline calling to report an outage on a GroupWise server. Fortunately, these calls hardly ever happened. But at 2:00 in the morning, even one call is too many. Little did I know that things were just going to keep getting better.

A Look at the Past

GroupWise entered the Linux world with the release of GroupWise 6.5 for Linux (v6.5.3) in July 2004. The Novell IS&T Messaging Services team began looking at deploying GroupWise on Linux several months prior to the release of GroupWise 6.5.3. The challenges we faced were common to many GroupWise customers:

  • a busy schedule with many pressing projects
  • lack of experience with Linux
  • uncertainty about the migration process and risks
  • and uncertainty about the benefits of running GroupWise on Linux.

With a couple of years' experience under our belts, our team now feels certain about GroupWise on Linux-it is the best change we have made to our messaging system-ever.

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