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Cool Story: GWGuardian Saves New Berlin Public Schools District from Overwhelming Flood of Spam

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Posted: 15 Aug 2006

Allison Thompson, New Berlin Public Schools GroupWise Administrator:
"GWGuardian: Fire-and-Forget email security that just works"

The New Berlin Public Schools District consists of 5 elementary and 2 middle-high schools and serves the educational needs of several thousand students from suburban Milwaukee and the vicinities of the state of Wisconsin. The school district has always distinguished itself with excellence in teaching and student achievements. In their efforts to achieve their academic goals and challenges, the faculty and staff at the New Berlin Schools rely on Novell GroupWise for messaging. Both students and teachers can take advantage of the numerous robust collaboration features of GroupWise. When the school's GroupWise system was completely choked by unsolicited mail that couldn't be handled by the organization's old anti-spam product, Allison Thompson, the GroupWise Administrator at the school district solved the problem once and for all: she deployed GWGuardian. Read the whole case study and learn how with GWGuardian Allison Thompson not only became a hero but also brought dramatic savings to her organization.

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