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Update to Cool Blog: Top-Down Rebuilds - How Do YOU Do It?

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By Alex Evans

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Updated: 29 Aug 2006

One of the issues that I am facing with this customer is the need for a top-down rebuild of GroupWise. Now, it's not too often that we really have to do one, but this is one such case. The challenge is that this customer has 150 global sites and many of them are on the other side of slow WAN links. For example, the other day we needed to rebuild a domain in Johannesburg and the file copy to get the domain there took 6 hours - 6 hours in which admin changes are made, making the domain we just rebuilt out of date (or it would have been if we didn't first suspend the admin thread).

So, what I was wondering was how you guys do it? I have wondered about getting someone at the local office to download the domain from home and taking it in to the office, or using a file splitter to download multiple chunks, or bittorrent.

Anyone have any experience with this?

(Comment by another Alex):

I would use rsync. That way, you can do the intial data copy, and after that, any changes made in the meantime are just a quick update, not an entire copy again.

It saved my bacon just the other day when I had to get data off of a server that wouldn't open eDirectory due to a "sorta-corrupt" SYS volume. Since rysnc doesn't rely on any sort of eDir authentication, I was able to copy the data off to another server running the rsync daemon without a hitch.

(Over a slow WAN link, it might be prudent to use the "-z" parameter on the client side to compress the data and preserve bandwidth. Don't bother with it on a LAN, as it is actually slower due to the extra calculation needed.)

(From Tommy Mikkelsen):

"Why not zip the wpdomain.db, copy it to the server, and then use unzip.nlm to extract it again?

This will make it just about half the size.

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