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Why you might want to have iFolder 2.x and iFolder 3.x Coexist

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By Bryan Keadle

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Posted: 7 Sep 2006

I was in the process of upgrading my iFolder 2.x implementation to iFolder 3.x, with the intent that my iFolder 2.x would eventually go away. However, I discovered a kind of cOOl reason to have both co-exist.

One great feature of iFolder 3.x is not only the ability to have multiple iFolders, but also the ability to "share out" a folder to another person. Another great feature of iFolder 3.x is the ability to filter what should be (or not be) synchronized.

So, here's my situation and delima:

I currently have a single iFolder 2.x folder that I synchronize with a number of my other computers (work laptop, work desktop, home desktop, remote desktop).


So, say I move all these iFolder 2.1 files (.\iFolder) to my new iFolder 3 directory (.\iFolder3:


and now I'm synching these files through my iFolder 3 server.

However, contained in this iFolder is a subdirectory containing all the source code for my utilities development:


I want to share my source code with a co-worker. But contained in my source-code folder are a number of other file-types that aren't necessary (or desired) to sync to my co-worker. So, I make the wbt folder a "filtered" iFolder 3 share, so that my co-worker get's just the source-code files contained in this directory. However, I can't do this. You can't nest syncing iFolder3 directories. So, I would need to move this folder to a different directory outside of my .\iFolder3 structure, and make it a second iFolder3 to sync and then share it out. However, because this is a filtered iFolder3 directory, not only is my co-worker getting only the source-code files (filtered), so now are all my other participating workstations getting the filtered sync. I want my other workstations to get all the files...un-filtered.

Dilema solution:

Fortunately, I *CAN* nest an iFolder 3 directory under an iFolder 2 directory. So, by putting my wbt folder back under my iFolder 2.1 directory structure, all my participating iFolder 2 workstations are getting all the contents. And by making this wbt subfolder a filtered iFolder 3 folder, I am able to sync just the source code with my co-worker.

Cool! I guess I'll keep my iFolder 2.1 server in production after all!

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