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Cool Blog: Using ZENworks Server Management to Install or Upgrade to eDirectory 8.8

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By Martin Irwin

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Posted: 13 Sep 2006

OK, I haven't posted in such a long while. My excuse is that I have been working on an "invention" or two. I'm now able to talk about some of them.

First things first. Let me point you to another way of using ZENworks Server Management Software packages. Stuart Beckett, a frequent correspondent here at Cool Blogs, has sent in a Cool Solution with a Source Package (SPK) that allows you to apply NetWare Maintenance patches - here's the link.

Back to these new inventions. Imagine walking into a Windows-only shop and being able to deliver a standard Pre-packaged eDirectory install within minutes? Well, today you can - here's how.

You will need two CPKs, downloadable from Cool Solutions. The first one installs a new eDirectory tree. The second one installs the next couple of Windows servers into that same tree. We've been able to patch our eDirectory environments (Windows and NetWare) for a while now - if you don't know how, here's the link. But now with the advent of eDirectory 8.8 Service Pack One, you can install and upgrade. For our NetWare customers with Open Enterprise server, I made sure this was on the online docs. For Windows we wrote a white paper and supplied you the Compiled Packages (CPKs).

So if you already have an existing eDirectory 8.8 tree then you merely run the second CPK against the servers you want installed and within minutes they become part of the tree. If you are installing eDirectory 8.8 Service Pack one fresh into a customer's environment, you can start with the first CPK and then continue with the second one.

With the ZENworks 7 Service Pack one suite you can do this all, with or without ZENworks Server Management installed. I am indebted to many people who worked on this project; one in particular deservers mention - Selva Muthu Kumaran - thank you, man!

Want to know more about this? See our White Paper.

Oh, the other inventions? Well, you'll have to wait till my next post to hear about that - grin.

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