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Ensure Email Retention for Rapid Discovery with GWArchive

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Posted: 12 Sep 2006

Topic: Ensure Email Retention for Rapid Discovery with GWArchive
Date: Tue, Sept 19
Time: 1:00 PM EDT/10:00 AM PDT
Speaker: Mark Evans, Madison Metropolitan School District
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Although there are different interpretations of how open records requests apply to email in public sector entities, including academic institutions, it is by now widely accepted that at least some email messages are regarded as "records" and are consequently be subject to legal disclosure.

Attend this seminar to learn:

* How the law applies in your case and what the consequences of not complying are
* How prepared are your technical infrastructure and IT staff to respond to such requests
* How Madison Metro School District, whose collaboration environment is built on GroupWise, does it
* How GWArchive, a GroupWise-native solution for email archiving system that addresses legal and best practice requirements for email retention and compliance, can help you attain peace of mind

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