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Posted: 4 Oct 2006

Novell Access Manager 3 is a comprehensive access control solution that provides seamless single sign-on across technical and organizational boundaries, based on access control and identity Federation standards. This product combines advanced capabilities such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, clientless single sign-on and SSL VPN for secure access from any location, coupled with simplified deployment and administration.

Access the SSL VPN component whitepaper to find out more.

With more and more individuals working outside traditional office settings, the need for secure remote access to corporate resources has become more important than ever. No matter where the users are - whether traveling nationally or internationally, working from home or on site at a partner location - they should be able to access corporate resources without compromising security. The Novell Access Gateway SSL VPN (Secure Socket layer Virtual Private Network) allows secure "anywhere-, anytime-access."

Novell's SSL VPN is a new type of VPN based on the secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol used in e-commerce. Utilizing existing infrastructure, SSL VPNs are economical and offer a simple and easy experience for employees and business partners.

The Novell Access Manager SSL VPN is designed to provide secure access to non-HTTP based applications inside a corporate network. It is combined with the powerful identity services of the Novell Access Manager in order to provide authentication and policy-controlled access to enterprise resources.

For a general whitepaper featuring explanations of Access Control, Policy Management, and Compliance and Assurance, see:

For more details on Novell Access Manager, see:

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