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Email Risk Management and Business Driven Email Retention Policies - Part 4

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By Messaging Architects, Sam Morris

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Posted: 3 Oct 2006

Messaging Architects Presents: Email Risk Management and Business Driven Email Retention Policies - Part 4

As messaging and collaboration systems become more complex and regulatory requirements grow in scope, there is frustration over the lack of clear guidance around the topic of Risk Management for Enterprise Email. To respond to this pressing need, Messaging Architects is offering a series of articles to crucial issues of email risk management and policy-based email retention. We hope to provide guidance in your goal towards legal and regulatory compliance and corporate IT governance.

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Email in the Executive Suite

The email of enterprise executives is especially sensitive and important. Therefore, it is important that organizations implement a process to automate the management and retention of executive email should. Moreover, it is imperative that executives get some formal training on the legal implications of their electronic correspondence.

Securities law requires publicly-owned companies to maintain reasonable records of their assets and transactions and reasonable controls to ensure those assets are protected and used properly. Today, electronic mail is a key component to record-keeping and internal controls it records detailed, time-stamped memos of corporate activity and financial results.

Executive email records are critical to performance of the board of directors as an overseer of executive activities. Retained records enable the board to monitor for fraud or negligence on the part of executives and to recover assets if they are stolen. Email records also help protect the enterprise from false allegations of wrong-doing or breach of contract. Good records have helped executives defend themselves when charged with stealing from their employers.

Executives need training on good email practices. Many business people have suffered misinterpretation because they wrote or managed their email ineptly. Given the heightened value and sensitivity of executive email, organizations should be prepared for the day when law enforcement comes, unannounced, to seize electronic records in a raid.

Need More Information?

For in-depth knowledge on the legal aspects on Electronic Mail Records Management and illustrations with some high-profile legal cases, consult the 4-part video series produced by Messaging Architects Media and narrated by leading technology expert Ben Wright. To order the Email Compliance Video Series:

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