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Scripps Networks Selects eDirectory for Five-Year Media Asset Project

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Posted: 11 Oct 2006

WALTHAM, Mass. - 02 Oct 2006 - Scripps Networks, the leader in lifestyle media, has selected Novell® eDirectoryTM as the technology platform for a unique five-year project that will allow the company to track and manage its entire library of media assets. Scripps Networks will manage an estimated 100 million media records for its cable networks and online properties using eDirectory. This will help Scripps reduce management costs and maximize the value of its media assets by identifying new revenue-generating opportunities with greater ease.

"With everything becoming digital, we've seen an explosion in the number of media assets we need to monitor and manage," said Chuck Hurst, vice president of application development at Scripps Networks. "We evaluated using a relational database, but found that a directory will give us far more flexibility and scalability. Novell has the best directory on the market. This Novell solution will help us broaden our distribution and offer media content to consumers in more innovative ways."

Novell eDirectory helps organizations create a customized, systematic way to connect identities, resources and policies to manage complex relationships between both digital and network assets. Scripps' unique implementation leverages the power of eDirectory to monitor the full range of its digital media assets. Scripps will create an asset registry to not only track the distribution of media assets, but also to track re-distribution, contract rights and other issues. This is a crucial component for Scripps given its goal to leverage its extensive existing programming in new distribution formats such as streaming video, video downloads and mobile phone applications.

"For many organizations like Scripps, Novell eDirectory has become the cornerstone of multiple strategic initiatives thanks to its rich security model, cross-platform strengths and proven scalability and reliability," said Susan Heystee, president, Novell Americas. "Enterprises are consistently finding value in using Novell's technology to manage the tremendous volume of relationships in their networks and to further leverage their assets in new and profitable ways."

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