Messaging Architects Media Presents: Email Compliance Video Series

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Updated: 17 Oct 2006

Messaging Architects Media Presents: Email Compliance Video Series

To address the pressing need for clear guidance around the topic of Risk Management for Enterprise Email, Messaging Architects presents an exclusive 4-hour Email Compliance DVD series authored by Ben Wright, a leading technology attorney who provides best practices for attaining legal and regulatory compliance and corporate IT governance.

Introduction to Email Record Retention: Discusses the risks related to the early destruction of email records and the need for organizations to plan and invest into technologies that will allow them to systematically retain and access archived email.
To order: http://www.messagingarchitects.com/company.cfm?doc_id=1194&CID=82006

Best Practices for Email Record Retention: Examines email records retention periods and considers common retention strategies, arguing for a written policy that documents email retention/destruction decisions.
To order: http://www.messagingarchitects.com/company.cfm?doc_id=1194&CID=82006

HR Perspective on Email Retention and Destruction: Highlights email as evidence that protects the legal interests of the enterprise and the importance of a comprehensive, automated, policy-based approach to dealing with electronic records.
To order: http://www.messagingarchitects.com/company.cfm?doc_id=1194&CID=82006

Email in the Executive Suite: Looks at the need for organizations to implement a process that automates the management of executive email because of the sensitive and important information that they contain.
To order:

Need More Information? Consult the Messaging Architects Email Risk Management Center online resources: http://www.messagingarchitects.com/products.cfm?doc_id=590&p=20&n=80&CID=82006

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