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Can't Sync Your Newest Mobile Device to GroupWise? Problem Solved!

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By Toffa International

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Posted: 17 Oct 2006

SyncWise2005 offers:

  • Support for the Newest devices before any other product
  • Support for Future devices helping you stay ahead of the competition
  • Specifically designed solution for GroupWise mobile connectivity
  • Widest range of device support ever for a single solution
  • The only fully supported SyncML server available for GroupWise

This announcement strengthens Toffa's 10-year commitment to providing support for the newest devices. Now that SyncWise2005 is a SyncML 1.2 compliant server, there is finally an answer for synchronizing all the latest mobile devices everyone is purchasing.

These include popular devices such as:

  • Sony Ericsson P990i, W810i, M600i, W710, Z710, W850, K510, Z300a
  • Nokia E60, E61, E62, E70, E71, N80, N91, N92

Remember, these are just a few of the new devices just added to the hundreds already supported by SyncWise2005.

More importantly, because SyncWise2005 adheres to the latest industry standards, support will be available immediately as devices are released. This means you will no longer have to be left without synchronization support or stuck using older devices. Try the latest version of Toffa's future proof solution today at:

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