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By Alex Evans

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Posted: 17 Oct 2006

It's been a while since I posted, but in my defense I have been busy with other things. I had another trip to Hong Kong and the jet lag has destroyed me going both ways. This morning on the way to work I fell asleep something like 5 times - was nice to get some shut eye, but my passengers weren't too impressed.

So, I have some very exciting Exchange Gateway news. OK, "exciting" is maybe not the best way to describe it, just shows I need to get out more, but a 2-way busy search has eluded us for so long. It has always been possible for a GW user to busy-search an Exchange user, but an Exchange user was never able to busy- search GroupWise. The problem was that Microsoft doesn't publish any APIs to allow us to hook into their free\busy system. When using the MS Connector, in conjuction with the GroupWise API gateway, the 2-way busy search is possible.

Well, our developer had an epiphany and has the 2-way busy search working with our gateway. He basically hooks the API gateway into our Exchange gateway to do the search. He's still working on it, tidying it up and removing the need for the API gateway, but it looks good. This is great news, as it means that the only thing keeping people from using our gateway is now resolved, and our functionality now surpasses that of the connector from MS (in that our gateway supports HTML mail and Internet Addressing).

We hope to release this in the next couple of months.

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