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Cool Blog: GroupWise Linux Client Sneak Preview

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By Ken Muir

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Posted: 17 Oct 2006

Ken Muir writes:

I had a terrific conversation with Ron Bingham (our Linux client lead) today to get an update on our progress on the Linux and Mac GroupWise Clients. We are coming up on our first Engineering milestone for Bonsai later this month, so I needed to know how the team was tracking towards their deliverables. Wow! I am very impressed with the great progress Ron and the team in the Ukraine are making. The Linux and Mac Clients in Bonsai will be absolutely awesome and will finally give our customers a top-tier collaboration client on Linux with most of the features they have grown to love in the Windows GroupWise client. Here are some screen shots ...

Here is a screen shot to show that I am indeed on SLED10. (The background is Lake Powell, my favorite spot on earth? besides my office at Novell.)

Larger image

Here is a view of the client. Notice the new Look and Feel with tabs across the top (all customizable) as well as the Group Labels in the mail list.

Larger image

Here is the client with the folder list on the left turned off and the QuickViewer turned on.

Larger image

Here is the Calendar, complete with colors, multiple calendars, drag and drop - everything we have in the Windows Client. In fact, just before I took this screen shot I dragged the appointment on 10/12 for lunch onto my Personal calendar (thus updating it to blue).

Larger image

As you can see, tremendous progress is being made. However, this is still very much a work in progress. There are many issues that need to be cleaned up, as well as some coloring issues that need improvements. Also notably missing from this preview is the "Home View" - it's being worked on right now, and the team is busily working to get this finished up before the end of this engineering milestone. There is a large list of additional features to be added, some of which I previewed in an earlier blog entry. Some of the new features being added to the Windows client in Bonsai will also be included in the Linux client (such as unlimited columns, autosave, etc.). This shows that not only is the team starting to close the feature gap between the shipping clients, but it is also keeping up with the new features being added to Windows (no small task).

Another thing to note: as I use this client, I am very impressed with its performance. The team has made many enhancements as well in overall speed and reliability. If you happen to run into me in the various events we are doing, ask me for a demo - I would love to give you one. Unfortunately though, I cannot give you any code yet.

One other bit of information - did you know you can run the current GroupWise Linux Client with the GTK look and feel? Simply start GroupWise with the -ui=gtk switch and you will have the GTK look and feel instead of Java's "metal" look and feel.

Let me know what you think. When you have the new GroupWise Client on Linux, will this increase the speed with which you adopt SLED? How does the GroupWise client on Linux factor into your adoption of SLED?

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