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Update: Open Conversation on Email Sizes

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Posted: 31 Oct 2006

(Scott Flowers)

We have 600 users and at the moment have slightly out-of-control mailbox sizes. We limit attachment sizes to 12 MB, with a few key people able to send 30MB attachments. We also have a public FTP server to exchange large files with our clients and partners. We limit mailbox sizes to between 300 and 600MB, but since we haven't completed the GroupWise 7 upgrade yet and we use caching mode, the mailbox size limits are not enforceable.

We do training with our users regularly on how to properly deal with email and we use MailSaver to help them archive mail to project-related shared storage.

We have a lot of difficulty keeping our GroupWise Post Office servers under control for size. We had one service outage lasting several hours, with ongoing problems lasting a week, caused by a POA filling its disk this year. This is as a direct result of our users ignoring our requests to keep mailbox sizes at a reasonable size, and of us being unable to enforce a size limit in GroupWise 6.5 and earlier. I can say with painful experience that imposing restrictions is less painful to the organization as a whole than having a week-long service interruption in email.

Herculean efforts by our users and buy-in from our managers (once-bitten-twice-shy) has allowed us to reign in our out-of-control users and get our system stable again, but the size always creeps back up.

Our plan going forward is to implement mailbox size restrictions of about 300 MB across the board, with no more than 100 GP per post office server in GroupWise 7, and to carefully consider an enterprise email archiving solution like GWArchive to help us ensure our mail system stays stable and maintainable, and also to ensure that important business records are properly filed.

(Victor Coscodan)

1. We limit mailbox size to 100Mb. The threshold for warning users is 90%.

2. Cleanup options (these are not locked for users - they can be changed):

- "Mail and Phone": Auto-Archive after 100 days;
- "Appointment, Task and Note": Auto-Archive after 50 days;
- "Empty Trash": Automatic after 100 days.

3. Intranet (local) attachment sizes limit to 10Mb.

4. For Internet (GWIA in/out) attachment sizes we have 3 groups with restrictions: 1Mb, 3Mb, and "no limit" for "to/from" messages.

(Debra Storr)

We have external mail size limits - over 10MB is low-priority mail (after working hours), and over 20Mb is simply barred. There were some complaints from our publications people, but no one else gets bothered by this, and it saves a lot of junk flying around.

We started from a default of 100MB mailboxes, and this is fine for a lot of users. On request, that gets shifted to 250MB or 500MB (OK - we gave all the directors 500MB to keep them happy as a default.) We encourage users to "weed" and to use GWstrip to remove attachments from their mailboxes as a first try before we agree to an increased quota. We are pretty hard and fast about the issue.

Quotas were set in conjunction with moving everthing older than 120 days to archive - so their mailbox only has to cope with 4 months of mail. This has kept our GW pretty "lean and mean" - no performance problems even when a node (or two!) in the cluster drops out. And users are having to exert some discipline about what they keep - which is never a bad thing, else junk gets kept.

(Sabine Severing)

The only thing we really restrict is the size of incoming/outgoing mails. Everything bigger than 1 MB is blocked at the DMZ, and we (members of IT-Department) decide to let it pass or not, depending on relevance for the company. (6MB humor-pps, for example, do not get in.)

We do train our users to keep their mailboxes small - to save attachements to network directories where they can share them with other users or departments - and we regularly ask them to get rid of the rubbish, when mailboxes get too big. There are no company rules for that at the moment, but I put it on my to-do-list to get it written down and signed, so I can put some more weight on my "asking".

Our ten biggest mailboxes have an average of 15MB; the overall average is less then 5MB.

(Dan Wasson)

I have an 8MB restriction through GWAVA sitting at the MTA level. In the rare case that a large attachment needs to be emailed from the outside, we usually have it sent to an admin account with no restriction. We also have forced archiving in place. We archive mail at 90 days, Calendar at 60 days, and dump the trash at 7 days. We do not have mailbox size limits in place YET, but hope to go with quota's and mailbox size restrictions in place of archiving.

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