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OES Linux NSS Backup/ Restore in NetWare Emulation Mode using NetBackup

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By Suresh Kumar GP

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Posted: 26 Oct 2006


This AppNote helps the existing NetWare customer who newly deployed the OES Linux servers and wants to backup the NSS volumes reliably. Here, the Backup and Restore on OES Linux NSS volumes is done from an existing NetWare server configured with the NetBackup agent using SMS modules.

SMS supports the NetWare emulation mode where the Linux TSAFS exposes itself to the system as though it were a native NetWare system. TSAFS on OES Linux, by default, exposes "Linux File System" as the target and it has a built-in switch that makes it possible to expose the TSA as a "NetWare File System".

This document explains the NetWare emulation mode and the NetBackup 5.0 backup model/configuration to backup the NSS volumes in OES Linux.

How to Configure/Prepare a NetBackup backup model in NetWare Emulation in OES Linux:

NetBackup Media server: Windows NT/2000 Server

Target Server: OES Linux SP2 Server (With eDir and NSS installed and configured)

NetBackup Agent Server: OES NetWare SP2 server

Install the NetBackup media server in the windows NT /2000 and install the Netbackup agent server in the NetWare server. In the OES Linux server load the TSAFS in NetWare mode.

NetBackup Media Server configuration:

  1. Create a backup policy in the NetBackup administrative console.

  2. In the policy(new class menu) provide the name of the server to backup (NetWare server where NetBackup agent is installed)

  3. In the policy(new class menu), specify the policy "attributes" like full backup, incremental etc

  4. In the policy (new class menu), specify "/netware" in the file menu to recognize the backup server is a NetWare server.

Target Server configuration to enable Linux TSAFS in NetWare emulation mode:

  1. Unload the TSAFS, since by default TSAFS exposes Linux File System as the target.
    #./smsconfig -u tsafs

  2. Load the TSAFS in NetWare emulation mode, so that it is exposed as a NetWare File System
    # ./smsconfig -l tsafs –tsaMode=NetWare

  3. To List the TSA is loaded properly
    # ./smsconfig -t

    The Output will be shown as :

    The loaded TSAs are:
    tsafs --tsaMode=NetWare

NetBackup Agent Server Configuration:

Start the NetBackup agent startup script by typing "bpstart" in the NetWare server console and do the following configurations

  1. NetBackup Configuration
  2. Target Configuration

NetBackup Configuration:

  1. Select the option 'n' to configure the backup server

  2. Select the option 's', to add the media server Name (where NetBackup Media server is installed)

Target Configuration:

  1. Select the option 't' to configure the backup server

  2. Select the option 'a', to add the target server and enter "NetWare"

  3. In the list of servers select the Linux target server for backup
    (where TSAFS runs in the NetWare emulation mode)

  4. Select the target service agent (for example "<server>.NetWare File System")

  5. Submit the username and password

  6. Select the resource to backup among the available resources, it lists the available NSS volumes and select the NSS volume whose backup needs to be taken.

  7. Select the appropriate Namespace type and say YES to add target now.

From the Target configuration menu — select List / Display selected target — To recheck all the configuration for the target is done. It displays your linux server with the NSS volume, what you have selected.

Schedule the backup/restore job from the NetBackup media server which will backup and restore the OES Linux server NSS volumes.

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