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Cool Story: GWGuardian and GWExtranet at the University of Florida

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Posted: 31 Oct 2006

The College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida relies on Novell GroupWise to ensure collaboration between its faculty and staff. Before the College started using GWGuardian, the Infrastructure Manager was investing several hours a day trying to shut spam and harmful viruses out of the IT network. The College wanted a new solution that wouldn't require the IT staff to learn a new programming language and would take less time to manage. After setting up a free trial and receiving excellent technical support, they were sold on GWGuardian, which has processed over 1.4 million messages, of which 780, 000 were spam and 31, 000 were viruses, within the last year.

Following their excellent experience with GWGuardian, The College of Veterinary medicine also turned to Messaging Architect's GWExtranet to dynamically publish information directly out of Groupwise. GWExtranet allows the various faculties that are physically spread out over the University campus to combine their several calendars and various public activities into one format, allowing for improved internal cooperation.

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