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Adding a new PCI-X NIC kernel module for Imaging

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Posted: 7 Nov 2006

Adding a new PCI-X NIC kernel module Ralph Gottschalkson

This article, newly posted in the Cool Solutions Wiki, describes how you can patch your ZENworks Linux Kernel (Imaging OS) for use with newer PCI and PCI-X Network Cards. We needed this for the brand new ASUS P5PL2.

You need a little experience in Kernel-compiling, a BROoooOOADband (really! no modem) internet access and a valid Novell Login account. This goes along with the Novell Documentation for ZENworks 7 and shows you the quirks.

Here's what you'll find in the article.

How to make the new PCI-X Realtek 8169B on the ASUS P5PL2 work
1.1 Preparing ZENworks by using the latest ZENworks-Imaging-kernel
1.2 Obtaining the matching Kernel-Sources for 2.6.5-7.244
1.3 Creating the kernel-compiling environment
1.4 Getting the PCI-X NIC driver
1.5 Compiling the kernel module
1.6 Putting our module into the initrd
1.7 Telling the kernel how to handle the new device(s)
1.8 Give me the new initrd
1.9 Additional Sources used for this article

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