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The HIPAA Security Rule and the Risks Related to Messaging Security

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Posted: 14 Nov 2006

From the Messaging Architects Archives: In the Labyrinth of Regulatory Compliance - The HIPAA Security Rule

Independent information security consultant, author, and speaker Kevin Beaver and Director of Professional Services at Messaging Architects Greg Smith join forces to discuss the challenges of the HIPAA Security Rule and identify concerns as they pertain to email management and retention, such as monitoring message flow and control of the information that is transmitted, as well as encryption required during email transfer.

Watch this webinar at to learn about:

  • The threats to email security that can lead to unnecessary consequences and cause long-term adverse effects on your business
  • The administrative, physical and technical safeguards provided in the HIPAA security rule
  • How Messaging Architects' product portfolio helps you reduce business risks and achieve HIPAA compliance and lower IT operating costs

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