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Cool Blog: Daylight Saving Time (again)

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By Shon Vella

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Posted: 3 Dec 2006

I blogged about a month ago about how the upcoming changes to Daylight Saving Time (DST) were going to affect Novell Identity Manager and all other Java applications. There have been some interesting new developments since then.

I wrote previously that it was going to require a JVM upgrade in order to handle the new DST schedule. Since then, both Sun has provided a much easier alternative. They have provided an updater program that is supposed to allow you to update any Sun JVM with the new rules. The updater is still in beta form but is supposed to leave beta sometime mid-December.

IBM has also released IBM Time Zone Update Utility for Java. This is what IDM users running on AIX will need in order to get the DST changes.

I still have been unable to find an official pronouncement about the plans for updating the NetWare JVM, but have heard from an engineer on the team responsible for the JVM that there will be a new release of the JVM sometime early in 2007. I'm also speculating that there is a distinct possibility that the Sun updater program might be able to also update the NetWare JVM.

There has, however, been a new wrinkle thrown in. The government of Western Australia has decided on November 22 that they would start a 3 year trial of DST on Dec 3. That's right, less than two weeks before the effective date. That decision has left software companies scrambling to be able to support this change. It won't affect nearly as many people as the U.S. change, but still important to do nevertheless.

As I was researching for this blog entry, I discovered that my previous blog entry on this topic had been quoted by a article. I guess I'm going to have to be a little more careful about what I write.

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